“If you have her on your team, you and your work will be blessed.”
“Corrie has been my right hand person for 20 years. In addition to managing all of my professional information and files and creating my instructional materials, in her present role she deals with countless requests and demands: authors asking for book endorsements, media asking for interviews, colleagues requesting collaboration on projects, organizations requesting speaking engagements, and universities requesting trainings and curricula. She often has to disappoint people. She negotiates all of my contracts, speaking engagements and workshops. Corrie has managed all the details of large national training programs and workshops – from the design of highly effective online publicity campaigns, the management of websites, the graphics and implementation of large mailings, the creation and tracking of a database of thousands of health professionals and donors, and the care and service of each one of them. She handles internet and telephone with equal skill and grace. She never drops a stitch. She manages to retrieve all needed information, documents, budgets, and contact information quickly and accurately. She has graciously represented me in a great many marketplaces and venues and is responsible for the clarity, dependability, authority and elegance of my work. She is one of the most thorough, creative, committed and impressive persons I know. She is reliable, hugely gifted in many areas and of enormous integrity, and is a profoundly service-oriented person for whom service is a way of life. More than any other person on my team she has been responsible for the success of my life work. I recommend her to you without reservation. If you have her on your team, you and your work will be blessed.”
~ Rachel Naomi Remen, MD
NYT bestselling author, Kitchen Table Wisdom & My Grandfather’s Blessings
Professor of Medicine, UCSF School of Medicine & WSU Boonshoft School of Medicine
The Remen Institute for the Study of Health & Illness at Wright State University
Creator of The Healer’s Art curriculum; national speaker & workshop leader

“Excellent attention to details…very responsive and easy to work with”
“I’ve been working with Corrie for just under a year, and can’t say how happy I am to have on-boarded her onto our team. As an anal-retentive small business owner, I wanted someone who would meet my level of attention to detail without adding more work for me. Corrie was very quick to on-board and I have found her to be meticulous.  She has excellent attention to detail, and if there’s ever any issues (which is rare), she addresses them promptly on her own. She’s very responsive and easy to work with.”

~ Dr. Justine Lee, DVM, DACVECC, DABT
Chief Executive Officer, VETgirl, LLC
Saint Paul, MN

“Strong, dependable, dedicated and discerning on the job, I cherish her. “
“What I appreciate about Corrie: Her dedication to Sage Solutions; I feel a wealth of support in her. Her range of ‘can-do’ abilities and skills, and how she interacts with the internet, computer and social media like they are her own best friends. She’s a discerning researcher – she thinks when she clicks. If we bump heads…we come out smiling. She is strong, dependable, dedicated and discerning on the job, I cherish her. ”

~ Patricia Sanborn, MA, MS, Health Gerontologist
Owner, Sage Solutions and Fearless Aging
Santa Rosa, CA

“Genuine kindness and an astute manager”
“When I think of Corrie, I think of genuine kindness and an astute manager. Many years ago when I first met Corrie while registering for a workshop, she made, what at first appeared to me to be a very complicated payment snafu (but was actually a programming error) – she gracefully negotiated the resolution while kindly helping me save face. Later she enlisted my help to brainstorm and craft a CLC (Cultural and Linguistic Competency) module for her employer’s continuing medical education workshops and I saw firsthand her dedication to inclusivity and her desire to help health professionals have more effective interactions with a multicultural patient population. Professionally and personally, I’ve always felt my well-being was of upmost importance to her. Because her sincerity has never wavered, Corrie has remained a trusted colleague and friend. I personally have benefited from her inspired program management.”

~ Christina L. Perez, MN, FNP, RN
Retired Regional Minority Health Consultant
US Department of Health and Human Services, Region IX
San Francisco, CA

“She is very easy to work with and has lots of integrity.”
“Corrie has booked & installed several art shows for an artist that she represents at my Restaurant/Gallery over the past 4 years. The pieces are always nicely framed & thoughtfully curated, exhibition is well hung and eye-catching, with artist bio, title tags and price lists provided for ease of sale. She is a great communicator and provided excellent customer service to both me and to the artist. She has proven to be consistent and was always on time to install and take down or to bring in more art when we sold them. She also made terrific postcards and well designed Facebook ads to promote the show. She is very easy to work with and has a lot of integrity.”
~ Sima Mohamadian
Owner, Viva Mexicana
Sebastopol, CA

“I trust her and appreciate all that she’s done to help get my work out into the world.”
“For several years I have collaborated with Corrie and she has passionately represented my work in California and online. She worked with web designers to produce a beautiful artist website for me, set up a Facebook artist page and regularly posts ads to help promote my work, and created and curates my eCommerce stores including Etsy and Saatchi Online – she shot all the artwork and maintains listings, packs and ships orders, and provides excellent customer service. She has booked shows for me, framed and matted my work, and installed successful shows in San Francisco, Sonoma County and Eureka. Her graphic design skills are great – she created business cards, banners, logos and greeting card sets that made me proud. I trust her and appreciate all that she’s done to help get my work out into the world.”
~ Pedro Cruz Pacheco
Painter & visual artist
Oaxaca, Mexico