Are you an artist who needs assistance maintaining the business side of your art life?
As your assistant, I could:

  • Work with web designer to create artist website (or update existing) with gallery, eCommerce, mailing list opt-in
  • Maintain & update website, add images to gallery, post blog entries
  • Create & maintain Facebook artist page, post & reply to posts
  • Design Facebook ads for openings & exhibitions, art sales, online stores
  • Start & maintain Pinterest page
  • Create & maintain online eCommerce storefronts including Etsy, Saatchi Online, and others
  • Design logos, avatars, business cards, postcards, signage, greeting card sets
  • Maintain complete business records, prepare paperwork for taxes
  • Collaborate in art marketing, design development & product lines
  • If you are located in Sonoma County (San Francisco Bay Area) I can:
    – mat & frame your artwork
    – install artwork in gallery, café, or restaurant
    – create price lists, exhibition artwork tags
    – prepare artwork for shipping
    – shoot photos of your artwork for placement on eCommerce stores